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Burnout - Reif für die Insel - Aromaline


You want to hide away
on an uninhabited island ?

You catch yourself - wishing to be left alone, being on the verge of yelling:

“I can´t anymore,I don´t want anymore!” and

feeling emotionally and physically exhausted, drained ?


Well, then it is high time for you to listen to your inner voice,

to change certain things in your life and to be determined to fight the full outbreak of a looming burnout syndrome.

Are you or friends of yours at risk ?

Find out for yourself – while enjoying the luxury of an

Aromaline stressless treatment

A philosophy – a development – a success

Forget stress and everyday life

Strength lies in calmness


Relax  -  let go  -  recharge your batteries

In our fast-paced life and with the pressures we are exposed to steadily increasing, it does not come as a surprise that the number of people suffering from stress is on the rise. Psychic problems make our organism lose a great deal of energy and are likely to make people feel exhausted and drained.

Stress may manifest itself in various forms. Quite a number of health-related problems, such as e.g. a chronic headache or migraine, backache, sleeplessness, stomach- and digestion disorders, to name but a few,  may frequently be traced back to stress.

Causes of stress:

Aromatic essences contribute to rendering the stress factors we are confronted with in everyday life, less painful. Thus, it is important for us to know the reasons that may account for triggering health problems.

Physical factors:
Physical inactivity, tensions, ravenously consuming unbalanced meals

Environmental factors:
A hectic way of driving, the quality of breathing air and drinkable water.

Psychic factors:
Strained relations in private and family life, tense situations at the workplace, bereavements.

Unsuccessful attempts at coping with stress:
 smoking, alcohol, medicaments and drugs, excessive and/or unhealthy nutrition.

The health problems and grievances referred to above can be mitigated effectively, be it by means of a relaxing bath with aromatic oils or by inhaling soothing essences, or by combining daily face cleaning with one or two squirts of Aromaline stressless. You will be surprised and pleased to find that the relieving effect will not keep you waiting for long.

Surrendering to the aromatic oil treatment may be compared to pursuing a miraculous path that leads to serenity and ease of mind. Ethereal oils can raise spirits and help you regain a clear mind, sound sleep and to ease tensions. 

That plants have healing powers is an ancient wisdom mankind has been aware of since time immemorial. That accounts for the fact that the use of herbal scents has a thousands of years old tradition.


In ancient cultures, plants and herbs were used for medicinal as well as religious purposes with a view to arousing self-regulating forces, to enhance vitality and the joy of living without any harmful secondary effects.

The lesson is clear:

Aromatherapy  is not a  new miracle cure, but an ancient wisdom

easy to be practised – and with stunning effects

To feel good  has long since been recognized as the key to beauty and health. Aromaline stressless therapies - whether carried out on the premises of our studio or at home - contribute to achieving a sound physical and energetic balance. The treatment we offer is based exclusively on the olfactory phenomena inherent in the Bach flower therapy and aroma therapies as well as on decades of practical experience and the knowledge we have acquired with regard to its therapeutic effects. In this connection, we should like to emphasize that Aromaline stressless is NO medical product.


Quality and origin:

It goes without saying that the essential oils used by  Aromaline originate from the world´s best growing areas. This circumstance enables Aromaline to provide top quality essential oils of the highest possible purity grade. With a view to ensuring the maintenance of this first rate quality, it is important to have regard to likely abiotic factors which, for example, may arise in the wake of adverse weather conditions. In order to prevent such factors from having a negative impact on the quality of the essential oils, the countries of origin may vary from time to time. In addition, there are regular residue controls designed to safeguard a continued hallmark of excellence.


We guarantee standards of the highest pharmaceutical grade!

Contents: (description of the stimulating effects as per the reference book on herbalism; library of the University of Vienna).


Sweet almond oil : vitamin A, B1, B2 and B6 as well as vitamin E, softens the skin  and makes it receptive; is well tolerated, also by sensitive skin.


Cold-pressed wheat germ oil: rich in vitamins B and E, mineral substances, Omega 3 and Omega 6, fatty acids and valuable nutrients which keep the skin young.

Bergamot oil:  anti-depressive, anti-septic, soothing, deodorizing, antipyretic, cardiotonic, anti-insects effect, stomachic, mucolytic, analgesic/pain relieving,  wound-healing, invigorating, digestive, appetite-regulating.

Eucalyptus oil: detumescent. vivifying, anti-rheumatic, anti-septic, antiviral, bactericidal, balsamic, blood-purifying, blood sugar reducing, deodorizing, anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic, diuretic, skin-reddening, anti-insects effects,

spasmolytic, scar-smoothing, mucolytic,  analgesic/pain relieving,  stimulating, wound-healing, strengthens the nervous system, increases concentration and clears your head.

Geranium oil: astringent, anti-depressive, anti-septic, anti-haemorrhagic, blood sugar reducing, deodorizing, anti-inflammatory, fungicide, vaso-constrictive, anti-coagulant, diuretic, anti-insect effects,  scar-smoothing, pain-relieving/analgesic, invigorating, wound-healing, cell-regenerating, has a positive effect on the hormonal balance, may reduce water deposits and oedemata, has a two-fold effect on cellulite, stimulates the immune system and the clearance of toxicities, purifies the intestinal mucosa, has a positive effect on the bloodstream, soothes and strengthens the nervous system, mitigates migraine, normalizes sebum production, is helpful in treating acne, dandruffs, eczemas, burns, Herpes, reduces depressions and alleviates stress.

Orange oil, sweet:

exhilarant, soporific, digestive.

unsuitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding periods as it may raise blood pressure for a short term (Eucalyptus).

Unsuited for allergy-sufferers owing to its being a 100% all-natural product.

After use, sunbathing should be avoided for about 4 hours.

Avail yourself of the opportunity to immerse in the wonderful

world of a “somewhat different” aromatherapy


Our prices


First intensive treatment
mirroring included
2 hours, approx.       

€ 199.--

comprehensive treatment    
1.5 hours, approx. 

€    99.--

short treatment
1 hour, approx.

€    77.—

Quick, in-between treatment
half an hour, approx.

 €    52.—








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Dates to be fixed in advance

Aromaline stressless – Your miracle oil for at home

Your quality product from Aromaline,

available from specific masseurs, medical doctors and pharmacies

standard price
50 ml  45,-- ml €    

When used daily, the aforementioned quantities are sufficient for 2 to 6 weeks respectively.


Aromaline stressless – the pleasure of using your miracle oil at home

Some handy tips for its application

How often should it be applied ?

  • Aromaline stressless is both suitable and recommendable for daily use

EXPRESS use in the morning - whenever you are in a hurry;

After cleaning face and neck and washing your arms, press once or twice upon the dispenser tap, rub the liquid onto your palms and dispense it on the moist skin (face, neck, décolleté and arms).


Whenever Aromaline is applied, do not forget to hold your oily hands like a funnel over mouth, nose and eyes and inhale deeply,  two to three times (if necessary, also more often); thereafter, dab the skin lightly; it´s a  procedure that definitely works miracles !!!

When taking a shower: 

variant 1):

  • Fill a vessel with one litre of warm water. Activate the pump by pressing  the cap of the dispenser two to three times and mix the fluid with the warm water. Immerse your palms into the liquid and pour the rest of the oil-water mixture over your body.  Wrap yourself in a towel (but do not towel your body dry (with the exception of the genital area). Instead, gently dab it.
  • In case you do not want to renounce your favourite fragrance, you may take a shower as usual and subsequently proceed as described above.

Variant 2):

Take a shower as usual;

  • For each part of the body pump one squirt of liquid onto your palms and dispense the oil on the moist to wet parts of your body. Let it be absorbed by the skin; thereafter shower your body. Wrap yourself in a towel. Do not towel your body dry (with the exception of the genital area). Instead, gently dab it.
  • Variant 2), unlike  variant 1), will necessitate a slightly greater amount of Aromaline stressless.


 Add five to ten squirts of Aromaline stressless to the bathwater –

 step into the tub, relax and feel good !


  • Subsequently, rather than towelling yourself dry (with the exception of the genital area) put on your bathrobe or wrap yourself in a cosy towel. If you don´t like the idea of wrapping yourself in a towel while your body is still wet, gently dab it prior to covering it.
  • Unabsorbed excess oil should be gently rubbed in by working from the extremities upwards toward the heart.


  • Direct application – instant effect !
  • Simply rub a few squirts onto your palms, hold your hands like a funnel over eyes, nose and mouth and take a slow and deep breath. Goodbye stress!
  • (tip: let the flask be your constant companion – at home, at work, during leisure time and when travelling –  it is a genuine miracle cure; not for nothing our Italian clients like to call it “olio magico”).

ATTENTION: likely oil residues on skin or floor may be the cause of slip hazards !!!


Good luck ! Relish the new body feeling – you will be overwhelmed  by it !


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